BRiTE is an innovative wellness program which promotes brain and physical health and wellness through integrated activities in a stimulating social environment. The program was developed by a team of like-minded scientists at the University of Pittsburgh whose goal was to create a setting that would support individuals with mild changes in cognition or those wishing simply to proactively maintain their brain health.

Although the program is not considered clinical therapy, the activities and programs utilized emphasize those components of everyday life that are associated with better brain health among individuals with normal cognition. 

We have designed our program into 4 core components: Movement, Creativity, Music, and Cognition. We encourage our members to stay for 4 hours each day to participate in at least one of each of the 4 components, ideally three days each week. 

BRiTE is a community-based wellness program for independent adults, not to be confused with an adult daycare program or rehabilitation program.  We are not a clinical program and we do not provide nursing or caregiving services.


yoga, strength & conditioning, coordination & balance, and aeorobic training


creative expression, artist showcase, arts & crafts, healthy lifestyles, and meditation


music expression and three levels of marimba


computer-based cognitive training